Mother Gaia (Gothenburg, SWE) are Linnéa Eriksson (vocals), Oskar Hedenskog (guitar), Andreas Karnung (guitar), Marcus Holmström (keys) and Kristian Erskog (bass). The members’ diverse musical backgrounds have created a sound that has been described as a heavier kind of rock'n'soul with lyrics soaked in love, rage, and melancholy.


A couple of weeks after the band got together in 2015, they entered the studio with Crippa Odin (Attentat, Psychotic Youth, Alias Smith & Jones, and Troublemakers) to record the debut single ‘New York’, released under the group’s former name HORSES. Shortly after that, they found themselves on the Top Floor stage at famous Gothenburg rock club Sticky Fingers, where major acts such as Band of Horses, Queens of the stone age, Thin Lizzy and Motörhead have been seen before.


Since then, the rock band has been seen and heard both in Sweden and in the UK, playing in dirty nightclubs and summer festivals, sharing stages with acts like Swedish popstar Beatrice Eli, featured online and in print by magazines such as CrankItUp.se, Qanda Magazine, Borås Tidning, Music Crowns, 3 song & out and The Moshville Times and on national, and international radio. With Andy Horvath (seen touring with Adam Brand and The Outlaws (AUS), Ron Pope (USA) etc.) on drums, Mother Gaia now present their self produced debut EP “We are animals”. It hits you brutally and raw like a long-awaited natural force fused with enchanting melodies and harmonies as beautiful as Mama Earth herself. This might be the first, but it is surely not the last of what we will see of this hurricane from the north.


QANDA met up with Swedish rock band Mother Gaia for a talk about having spontaneous jams, being completely independent and Friday's EP release of "We Are Animals". http://www.qandamagazine.com/en-GB/mother-gaia-36566258

“Mother Gaia are a great hard rock band, and they also happen to be really lovely people. Cannot wait to see them play again!”

-Aimee Rivers, Redwire


"We are animals" gets 7/10 http://crankitup.se/mother-gaia-animals/



Sound of Hisingen likes "We are animals" http://soundofhisingen.se/mother-gaia-animals-ep/

"It feels carefully thought-out and, above all, genuine. Mother Gaia bring the sun from the West Coast and warm you up from the inside. Like an embracement of a successful combination. To completely rely on the music becomes an actuality, without resistance you follow where Mother Gaias' wind takes you."

-CrankItUp.se, 2017-06-06

"The EP is self-produced, and why would the band leave it to anyone else to handle when when it comes to such a beautiful result."

-Sound of Hisingen, 2017-06-13

See the official video of the title track "We Are Animals" here!